Product Return Policy

In the event that due to any reason whatsoever, you wish to return the products you purchased, you have the right to do so within 10 working days past the date of delivery of the order.


The products must be as you received them, the packaging sealed and accompanied by the sales receipt or invoice. In this case you shall be charged only with the cost of returning the products.


In the event that the order contains the order to print on any product whatsoever ( name print on shirt, etc. ), the returns are not accepted.


We would ask of you at the time of delivery to carefully verify whether the products are in good order (e.g. broken, wrong products, etc.). If the product has been opened and there is a serious manufacturing error, please contact us for the immediate return and replacement of the product, in accordance with the terms and conditions provided for by the law.

1. If you are located near the

In this case, you may visit the store, and after the condition of the product is verified by the competent employee, you shall be guided to the next steps.
2. If you are receiving by courier:

In this case:


You pack the product in a larger box so that it is protected when sent.


In the packaging place a document in which you explain the way in which you wish us to settle the balance, if the product qualifies for return.


You send the package via the courier service by which you received your order, care of Department of Returns. Please note that the return expenses are borne by the Customer.


We wish to point out that in the event the product does not meet the aforementioned terms, it shall be returned to sender, all costs borne by him.


For more information, you may contact us by phone at 210 5774003 and 2105757409, or by email at